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About what I do

I remember the day a friend first spoke to me of stylesheets. It sounds silly now, but I was gobsmacked to learn I could change the colour of all the links on a website by defining it in just one place.

Both myself and CSS have come a long way since then. I've come to cherish the challenges of responsive layouts, and of writing readable, succinct and maintainable code, while this beastly lanuage has been domesticated by CSS pre-processing.

My background was in the more artistic realm of digital multimedia (3D modelling, animation, &c.). I then went on to work in print and digital design, and desktop publishing. It was around the same time I practised web design and development in earnest.

My appetite for beautiful web design and typography was largely satisfied during my tenure at Springload, though it also spoiled me in the same way teaching your enemies about bad kerning can do.

During this period, my inner OOCSS (Object Oriented CSS) self was awakened through the musings of the rockstars of front-end development such as Doug Bowman, Stubbornella, Ethan Marcotte, Paul Irish and Harry Roberts, to name but a few.

More recently, while working at Alphero, I have developed AINT – a lean SASS framework designed for rapid development, lightweight stylesheets, and robust and maintainable code. It incorporates BEM-esque naming (we call it “Better-than-BEM”) and has been influenced by frameworks such as INUITCSS, ITCSS, and SUITCSS.

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I’m available for short-term contracts to build websites, or as a consultant to assess your current methods and to teach your staff to write lean CSS.

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